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1) I was coming for a holiday trip to Malaysia.On the second day I suffered from a disc hernia.Thanks to Dr Eugene Wong's prompt and professional action, I was even able to go to Redang Island 3 days after the operation.I very much appreciated the way Dr Eugene Wong had adviced me before and after the operation. Thank you very much.

G Marco

Germany, Netherlands

2) Jestine and I returned in December to help care for Jacob and my 83-year old mum. Jacob is now nearly bed ridden, and my mum had fallen and badly fractured her left humerus and the top round-shaped bone dislocating her shoulder from the socket of her left hand. We began seeing some amazing, sovereign and intimately loving ways of God unfold. My mum's orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Eugene Wong, turned out to be a caring Christian man who said it was a miracle that she was relatively pain-free for 2 weeks until surgery and has been amazed at the rapid healing and recovery that has taken place thus far. From a bag of broken bones (Dr Wong's description), it has become an encasement of metal pieces as she had to have 5 screws in her socket and another 7 in the humerus to hold the metal plate in place. We are all deeply touched by the love of the Bangsar church family who has helped us in so many ways. Thank you for being Jesus to us in our time of need.

Mary Marshall daughter of M Thomas


3) Before I had constant pain at my back (Below my waist). This made it difficult for me to walk as it caused constant cramps in my left leg.I couldn't sit and stand for long as well. After my operation with Dr Eugene Wong, I have been much better. I can sit, stand and walk better than before.Muscle cramps on my left leg is gone and I feel much better than before. Many Thanks to Dr Eugene Wong who is now my very good friend.

BM Julius


4) After a month of pain and suffering, I was instantly cured of all pain. A miracle I never expected. Amazing! Dr Eugene Wong is God sent with miracle hands. I can now walk as usual and am back to normal with my daily activities. Thank you for giving me my life back. The happiest patient , Vijayan.

V Paramu

Penang, Malaysia

5) We came to Dr Eugene through the A&E Department. My daughter had pins in her elbow. We felt very lucky to be treated by Dr Eugene that very night. It is so important for parents to feel able to ask questions to doctors to allay their fears and that is exactly what I was able to do with Dr Eugene. Follow up was excellent and I felt my concerns were dealt with. Thank you very much.

KM Desouza


6) Dr Eugene was very quick at diagnosing my injury and suggested that I underwent Tightrope surgery as the best treatment for my separated shoulder. I was quickly booked in for the operation and was happy with my quick early recovery. Overall Dr Eugene Wong was very professional,knowledgeable and friendly.

A. Knowles


7) Dr. Eugene, Thanks for the care and concern shown while my mum was admitted for the wound/injury on her left foot. The advice and procedure done was very professional. Your understanding of our financial situation is also very much appreciated. But most of all I would like to recommend others to you if they need a caring doctor.

Lee Sow Ying


8) Dear Dr Eugene Wong. What can we say for all that you have done in your medical care? A simple thanks is totally insufficient for you have done above and beyond your call of duty! Only our Lord can reward you sufficiently!With our deepest gratitude.

Mary & Mrs Thomas


9) Thank you Dr Eugene for recommending and performing the Disc FX procedure on me. My lower back pain is gone ever since the procedure. Also thank you for the concern and care you have shown, the thoroughness in your

assessment of my problems and the honesty you exhibit as my doctor.Really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Once again thank you so much!!

KH Fan


10) When I came in to the hospital to see Dr Eugene I had sharp pain in the lower back and right side of my buttocks. After 3 days of treatment I am now able to walk and get up on my own. My condition has improved without the need of any surgery.

HY Seah


11) I suffered from leg pain. Now with Dr Eugene Wong's first class treatment my leg pain has improved tremendously. No more numbness.Thank you to Dr Eugene's great no surgery treatment!!

CM Tham


12) Initially I was afraid to undergo surgery but with Dr Eugene Wong's help, I went through the surgery and I find that the recovery is much faster with surgery when compared to being casted. I am also very satisfied with the excellent outcome of the surgery. Thank you Dr Wong!

CM Lok


13) I had a fracture in Kuantan hotel in the bathroom and broke my arm. I was transferred to Pantai Hospital KL. I had a plate installed by Dr Eugene. Dr Eugene Wong is very friendly and helpful. Thank you doc!

P Baboobhai


14) The treatment I have received from Dr Eugene Wong has been absolutely first class. He operated very soon after traumatic damage to my knee nearly 6 weeks ago and the repairs have been very good. I am walking unimpeded now. The scar well healed and have been completely painfree for the entire time. When I arrived at the hospital I was in terrible shape and now only 6 weeks later I am well on the road to recovery. Thank you very much Dr Eugene.

D Steele


15) I was admitted for a right ankle injury and after Dr Eugene Wong's treatment and care I could now walk properly with no pain and did not need any surgery.

S Ramli


16) I am okay. Dr Eugene Wong's advice is good and I like the treatment. Thanks to Dr Wong for the good treatment.

M Begum


17) Right forearm and wrist fracture due to fall at restaurant. Dr Eugene Wong's advice, treatment, operation and follow up is professional and caring. All the time with Dr Eugene Wong makes me feel comfortable to bring up my problems. Thank you for your care and patience.Same for assisting nurse Miza

M Singh


18) I had a broken left ankle one month ago. Dr Eugene Wong operated on me and placed a plate and screws to avoid casting. The operation was good. Good recovery. Only 4 small cuts but helped my leg to stand up quicker. No scar after all. Magical fingers of Dr Eugene Wong helped me.Thanks a lot for your support from Dr Eugene Wong and the hospital staff.

TT Thuy


19) Dr. Eugene Wong has been treating my hand pain which a has been present for 2 months. Xie Xie. My husband's spinal condition was treated and healed. My daughter Yellis has been treated well. Vita's knee pain is cured. We in Indonesia Makassar are always waiting for Dr Wong's arrival. Our whole family would like to thank Dr Eugene Wong. God be with Dr. Wong and his family and health always. Regards Tan Fui Hong & Family. 10/04/2013

TK Foek

Makassar Indonesia

Dr Eugene Wong telah mengobati tangan yang sakit selama 2 bulan. Xie Xie. Tulang belakang suami sayapun sudah diobati. Anak yellispun sudah diobati Anak Vita bagian lututpun sudah sembuh. Kami di Indonesia Makassar selalu menunggu kedatangan doktor. Kami sekeluarga selalu menunggu kedatangan doktor. Kami sekeluarga mengucapkan banyak terima kasih. Tuhan menyertai Dr Wong dan keluarga serta sehat selalu. Salam Tan Fui Hong & Keluarga. 10/4/2013

TK Foek

Makassar Indonesia

20) Dr Eugene Wong has been very helpful and clear on explanations on what to do and has expediated the MRI scan which I am grateful for. Thank you.

S Jabbar


21) We came with a lot of worries since the pain in the left middle finger was acute and Dr Eugene suggested surgery.At the same time he was very comforting and explained the issue very patiently and in detail. y and took care of the after surgery. Dr Eugene Wong is very friendly and courteous doctor.Thank you doc.

M Shreekrithika

Chennai India

22) Rawatan dekat Pantai Medical Centre bagus dan Dr Eugene Wong rawat dengan bagus.



23) Dr Eugene Wong merawat anak saya dengan baik,peramah dan mesra. Terima kasih.

M Afiq


24) Very helpful, very thorough and knows his stuff. Extremely competent and I am confident of his diagnosis.

Thomas Blum


25) Thank you Dr Eugene for reducing my dislocated toe.

H Hirose


26) Thanks Dr Eugene for fixing my toe. Hopefully we will never need you to fix the other toe. We appreciate your help in getting through a rather traumatic evening last week in the emergency department. Thank you once again.

S Riley


27) I sustained a bad spine fracture and had an operation. Now I can walk and run. Thank you Dr Eugene

BK Gan


28) Terima kasih atas layanan yang amat baik Dr Eugene. Saya patah pergelangan tangan kiri dan patah bahu kanan akibat kemalangan pada 13 Jan 2013 tapi tak sampai 2 bulan sudah baik. Semua atas nasihat doktor sehingga tak perlu buat pembedahan. Thanks Dr Eugene.

WJ Razak


29) I had a fall on 4th March which resulted in a broken wrist and Jones fracture on my left foot.Dr Eugene Wong operated on me that evening and within a day I was up and out of the hoispital. His treatment was excellent and am able now to walk and use my wrist as normal. This has allowed me to fly back to UK with only a small delay. Dr Wong's treatment was excellent and I am pleased with the results.

A Heron


30) Layanan Dr Eugene Wong dan nasihat dr very good. Tidak perlu dioperasi. Jangan sekali kali dioperasi.

H sethawati


31) Thank you very much for finding out what is wrong with my back cos nobody else could. A big load off my chest. Thank you so much Dr Eugene Wong

D Chan


32) Saya pesakit Dr Eugene saya amat berpuas hati dengan rawatan yang diberi selepas masukkan plat dan skru. Sekarang saya dah pulih sepenuhnya dan keadaan tangan yang patah seperti asal. Terima kasih.

S Mohd


33) I suffered from neck and arm pain. Now it is better and I did not need to undergo an operation. Dr Eugene Wong is honest and easy to talk to. Thank you.

LK Sia


It's been a great experience having this surgery done by Dr Eugene Wong. The knee is feeling better than it used to be and I am very thankful for getting the right doctor to treat me.He is also giving me the advice required. Thank you Dr Eugene Wong.

L Sushil


I was experiencing knee pain and found Dr. Eugene Wong.He examined me and found to have a knee infection. I am very satisfied with his treatment and now I can walk without having to undergo any surgery.

A Johari


Saya pesakit Dr Eugene Wong mengalami sakit lutut dan jumpa Dr Eugene.Beliau memeriksa saya dan didapati ada bakteria. Selepas itu beliau merawati saya. Saya amat berpuas hati dengan rawatan beliau dan sekarang saya boleh berjalan tanpa sebarang pembedahan.

A Johari


I feel comfortable now because the iron implant has been removed. I am grateful to Dr. Eugene Wong. He is a doctor who is responsible and takes good care of patients. Thank you to all the staff and Pantai Hospital. Thank you.

F Sadikon


I am very grateful to Pantai Hospital in particular to Dr. Eugene Wong. The service of the doctor is very good and helped solve my mother's problems. Dr Eugene Wong is the best. Thank you.

SR Djajapratama


Saya anak SR Djajapratama sangat berterima kasih kepada Rumah Sakit Pantai KL khususnya kepada Dr Eugene Wong. Pelayan Hospital and dokter sangat memuaskan dan sangat membantu menyelesaikan masalah penyakit mama. Docktor Eugene Wong is the best. Thank you.

S R Djajapratama


Dr Eugene Wong is a wonderful doctor who has treated my mother. My mother received wonderful care and attention from him. He is attentive and has very good bed side manners. He is very concerned for his patients and is never in a rush to get rid of my mother. The medical profession needs more doctors like this- an example to the profession.

R Begum


Dr Eugene Wong is a very personable and friendly doctor. He was thorough in his diagnosis and helped alleviate my anxieties. I was glad to have met him as I found him to be genuine and caring.

SS Bajaj


Dr Eugene is a very funny person and a very caring person. On behalf of my left ankle, thanks to your professional surgery. And now my ankle has fully regenerated and away from danger times. So I appreciate your surgery very much. Can I ask you a question? And you don't need to reply me eithet ....OK, the question is "You are a guy with a mind full of management and cultures of bone right What is the time of the clock now can you get my meaning?

KH Tan


I came in with a slipped disc and got admitted to Pantai. Saw Dr Eugene Wong and he looked after me well. Without surgery I have recovered almost 90% and am able to walk properly.

A Subramaniam


I was treated by Dr Eugene during my stay in KL following a fall indoors. I found him to be friendly and conscientious person in whom I had confidence. The Pantai Hospital staff also were helpful. They were very patient with me and my struggle with language.

MJ Gornall


Very happy with the quick analysis and follow up of Dr Eugene. I won't hesitate to recommend mountain bike friends in need. Regards

G Phillips


I came into Pantai to see Dr Eugene and was unable to walk at the time. After a quick diagnosis I was referred to the physiotherapists and by the next day my condition improved immensely. I was able to walk a little the next day. After a few days I've never felt better, considering only last week I was so much in pain and thought I needed surgery. Thanks Dr Eugene !!

LL Kong


I came in with a right radial fracture and was treated by Dr Eugene Wong. The treatment was very satisfactory andf I managed to avoid surgery. Dr Eugene Wong is a doctor I would strongly recommend. Thanks to his expertise and an excellent sense of humour. Thank you!!

N Garan


I came for a swelling over the right elbow. It was removed and I am very satisfied and happy with the operation done by Dr Eugene. Thanks!

SC Liow


I had back pain and went to see Dr Eugene for a check up. Results from the MRI showed a disc tear but no operation was needed. I will start physio exercises at home. Overall Dr Eugene has been willing to answer my questions including giving me time. Thanks for the professionalism and all the best!

TT Huyen


I broke my right collarbone and had an op to put in a titanium plate with screws. All went well, recovering well. A very good job done by Dr Eugene. Keep up the good work.

N Logan


I had an appointment with Dr Eugene because of my right knee. I have injured it during a futsal game. The treatment of Dr Eugene was very good. I felt very comfortable.

U Kaynar

Munich , Germany

I had a foreign body object. Dr Eugene has done a very good job and I am very comfortable with him. Surely will recommend my friends here. Keep up the good work doc!

A Qadri


I had a finger problem, broken finger. Many thanks to Dr Eugene in helping me. He did surgery, good job. Thanks doctor for your good job and friendly behaviour.

R Bakhshi


I broke my toe after dropping a box of furniture on it. Very painful and was treated with painkillers and an ankle boot support to protect the foot with cruthches. All better now! Thanks to Dr Eugene Wong

N Horton


Had a very bad accident and broke my right thigh. Thanks to Dr Eugene it is fully recovered after 6 months.

TC Loi


My wife had a fall and her hip was fractured. She was treated by Dr Eugene Wong. She is grateful to Dr Eugene. She is now able to walk almost without support.

AM Lee


My son has now recovered. I am very happy and my son very happy. Thank you Dr Eugene

S Periasamy


J Nield had a fracture on his left wrist. He had a cast applied. No physiotherapy was required. All healed. Thank you Dr Eugene Wong, Good Job

JT Nield


I got to know Dr Eugene after getting a fracture in my right hand where I couldn't even write. But thanks to Dr Eugene for the successful operation. After the operation and nice treatment today I am able to write well. Dr Eugene is a wonderful person caring and so professional. The clinic has been great to me.I real appreciate the support and treatment. May God bless you.

KO Bakadi

Kenya Africa

I had a very bad fall and hurt my back bones.But fortunately Dr Eugene helped me and I did not need to go for an operation. Thank you Dr Eugene !!!!. God bless you!

KL Chiew


Dr. Eugene is good and timely. He is friendly and easy to discuss with. I am satisfied with the service and treatment he gave.

A Jaafar


Dr. Eugene has been providing good services and advice He also performed the best surgery. Thank you to Dr Eugene.

K Najib


Dr. Eugene delivered perfect treatment until I'm well now. I wish to thank Dr. Eugene Wong profusely.

R Idros


Dr Eugene telah memberi perkhidmatan dan nasihat yang baik dan melakukan pembedahan yang baik dan terbaik. Terima kasih kepada Dr Eugene.

K Najib


Selama saya sakit Dr Eugene banyak memberi rawatan yang sempurna sehingga saya sihat. Saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Dr Eugene Wong.

R Idros


Thank you very much to Dr Eugene for taking care of my case of tendon cut.I am very lucky that Dr Eugene supervised my progress very closely and

always gives positive support to ensure I recover and am able to get back to work.I am also quite surprised that I am able to get back to work within 6 weeks after I had the operation. Keep up the good work Dr Eugene. Thank you very much due to your support and advice I am able to go back to work again. Thank you.

Raja M Faiz


Dr Eugene is a very good doctor! He is so nice and cheerful. He helped me recover and I didn't need an operation. He is the best!

A Parlovic


Dr Eugene was great. My shoulder is back to normal. Thanks a lot. Hope I won't get anymore injuries.

R Singh


Dr Eugene has been a fantastic doctor. My daughter received fantastic care at Pantai Hospital Bangsar KL under Dr Eugene and despite the severity of 3 breaks is making speedy progress only 3 weeks after the operation. A huge thank you from all the Griffith's family.

N Griffiths for C Griffiths


Dr Eugene Thank you so much for fixing my foot. Don't take this the wrong way but I hope never to see you again! But I wish you the best life has to offer!

N Mwendwa


Dr Eugene provided excellent care and always had a smile and a kind word.

Thank you so much.

K Marshall


Dr Eugene Wong has been an extremely professional and good doctor to me. He had been always cooperative and was very compassionate while dealing with my case. I would definitely recommend him for future treatments to my friends. i would like to thank him for all the help and treatment rendered to me.

B Singh


Dr Eugene Wong's service is very good and also the treatment.He likes to laugh.

S Subahan


Saya rasa sungguh selesa sekarang sebab tulang besi kaki saya telah dibuang. Saya berterima kasih kepada Dr Eugene Wong. Beliau seorang doktor yang bertanggungjawab dan pandai ambil hati pesakit. terima kasih pada semua staf dan Hospital Pantai. Tq

F Sadikon


Dr Eugene good person dan menepati masa. Layanan Dr Eugene yang mesra dan senang untuk dibawa berbincang keseluruhannya. Saya berpuas hati dengan layanan dan rawatan yang beliau beri.

A Jaafar


Thank you so much for fixing my foot. Don't take it the wrong way but I hope never to see you again. But I wish you the best life has to offer. merry Christmas.

N Mwenda


Dr Eugene provided excellent care and always had a smile and a kind word. Thank you so much.

K Marshall


Dr Eugene has been an extremely professional and good doctor to me. He has been always cooperative and was very compassionate while dealing with my case. I would definitely recommedn him for future treatments to my friends. I would like to thank him for all the help and treatment rendered to me.

B Singh


Dr Eugene's service is very good and the treatment also very good. Dr Eugene orang yang suka ketawa.

S Subahan


Saya rasa sungguh selesa sekarang sebab tulang besi kaki saya telah dibuang. Saya berterima kasih pada Dr Eugene Wong. Beliau seorang dr yang bertanggungjawab dan pandai ambil hati pesakit. terima kasih pada semuya staff dan hospital Pantai. TQ

F Sadikon

KL Malaysia

Sangat baik. Layanan Dr Eugene dan staff nurse are very good and perfect! I love it!

Z Nizam


Saya amat berpuas hati dengan rawatan yang telah diberikan kepada anak saya.Terima kasih

N Izz


Dr Eugene Wong gave invaluable advice in alleviating my back pain.Much improved results. Thank you.

SS Hanchard

Melbourne Australia

Very happy with overall treatment Doctor Eugene has pleasant manners and sucessful treatment.

C Eunson


Dr Eugene Wong attended to me at the A&E department on a Saturday evening after I fell while dismantling the bicycle.My dislocated elbow was "fixed" in the OT through closed reduction without much pain. I knew I was in good hands as Dr Wong was assuring and professional. I saw Dr Eugene Wong again on Sunday early morning. He is a very dedicated doctor. I thank God he was there when I needed him.(Always with a smile) Thank you Dr Wong for saving my hand. With appreciation.

C Chung


Thank you very much Dr Eugene!! I am lucky getting your operation for my serious injury.You and your staff are kind and polite. I can feel safe during my treatment too. I can recommend my Japanese friends if they have problem too.

R Ota


Setelah membuat rawatan di Hospital Pantai saya telah pulih. Rawatan yang dibuat adalah radiofrekuensi injection yang diselenggarakan oleh Dr Eugene Wong

M Sharil


Dr Eugene , Thanks a lot,the pain is released and symptoms improving.

H Xi


Dr Eugene good person dan menepati masa. Layanan Dr yang mesra dan senang untuk dibawa berbincang keseluruhannya. Saya berpuas hati dengan layanan dan rawatan yang beliau beri.

A Jaafar


Doctor Eugene has been a fantastic doctor.My daughter received fantastic care at Pantai KL under Dr Eugene and despite the severity of the 3 breaks is making speedy progress only 3weeks after the operation. A huge thank you from all the Griffiths family.

C Griffiths


To Dr Eugene Wong. Thank you very much for your help which relieved the pain on the neck and elbow.Well done and all the best to your clinic.

HT Sim


Dr Eugene diagnosed and addressed my problems well. Throughout the duration I had been visiting him Dr Eugene Wong took a very professional approach to the problems. I had within good time and had also taken steps to ensure as a patient ,I was comfortable and was in the least amount of pain. Thank you very much and I hope and wish you the very best in the years to come.

A Devadas


I am very happy with Dr Eugene and the Attention of the Hospital. First Class. Thank you very much.

Luis E Moreno

South America

I was admitted to Pantai Hospital due to a car crash. I had fractured my bones and Dr Eugene took care of my arm well and the operation was done beautifully. Thanks for everything, Doc.

MY Kwang


I was admitted to Pantai KL and was treated very well by both Dr Eugene and the staff. Full praise for all of them. Cherio

JG Gomez


Dear Dr Eugene & Nazri, Thank you for your excellent fast and professional service and surgery. Great!

Dr J Dirollo


Great service and attention. Fast and friendly. Many Thanks

JS Harrison


OMG I should have come direct to Pantai being the one stop centre. What you see is what you get, straight to the point -pretty hilarious I'd say.

Wan Abdillah


I believe diagnosis was good and thorough,Recommended to stop smoking as this has caused a cyst in my hip bone. Very Good.

P Miller


I am OK -Good

Yumi Mochizuki


every thng nice service nice doctore nurse nice recpion

wadie aljifri


i am a very satistied customer and i will recommend this doctor to all my friends.

Loh Chwee Ngan

a Happy mommy and granny i am a very satistied customer and i will recommend this doctor to all my friends.

Loh Chwee Ngan

a Happy mommy and granny He is a very good consultant with excellent communication skills. He is a very skillful and a caring doctor.

Tay Mee Joo

He is a very good consultant with excellent communication skills. He is a very skillful and a caring doctor.

Tay Mee Joo


Dr Eugene es excelente medico muy amigable, respondio todo mis preguntas, muy profesional altamente recomendado

Armando Lopez

I came for the first time to ANOC, on recommendation from friends. Was well received at the reception; service polite. Met Dr Eugene as requested. Diagnosis of my problem was very clear and precise. Did MRI scan, Dr's analysis clear and to the point. No unnecessary treatment or medication. Very happy with service overall.

tan KS

Dr Eugene Wong gave clear description and showed me the pictures in helping me to understand what the problem I'm having now.

Eng Shiao Huey

Excellent Discussion with the Doctor. Gave us a all the relevant options. Very friendly and supportive. Very knowledgeable in the field and seems to be at the forefront of the technology.

Visvanathar Veluppillai

Very informative, friendly and patient. Put my mom at ease.

Tay Guan Tse

Customer Satisfied on the result given by the Dr.Eugene's consultation.

Lai Mei Choo

The quality I find in Dr Eugene Wong is his ethics and genuineness towards his patients.Thank you Dr Wong.

Merilyn Ng

Dr.Eugene is a very professional in his career. He provides good explanations to his patients about their problems. He is caring and is interested in listening to his patients worries.

jatinder kaur

We are very happy the dr comment thanks alot.,,e

Heng Soo Guan Dr Eugene briefed on the general works of my back bones and the possbilities of drying disc problem that I'm experiecing now. Pleasant doctor who speaks and explain clearly.

Zulkifli Noah Captain

Dr Eugene is a very good orthopedic with various experience. I find his treatment very good and effective.

Jamie Tan

Good consultation and very informative by doctor Eugene. Thanks.

Koo Chee Kuan

Customer very satisfied. appointment on time. all friendly. service and very satisfying.

kumari madhu

Dr Eugene is very patient, detail and informative; he gave me a brief presentation on all available options for my problem! Apparently i can email him any questions which i may have from time to time!!

Licia Tan

Dr. Eugene is very progressive and detail with keen interest in the latest development. I think one has to be passionate in his work to do well and Dr. Eugene is definitely one of them. Keep it up doc!


Dr Eugene Wong has shown a lot of concern and also has been very informative and helpful. 19/4/2012

Swaran Kanta

The doctor is very good in advise & explanation for my pain. I recommend all to visit him.

Pankaj Yawalkar

The treatment I received was excellent.


I find the doctor is able to give detail explaination on the problem. This makes me feel comfortable.

Moh Su Hung



Very friendly... feeling comfortable with the suggestion.

Lai Yaeh Tat

Traveled all the way to Kuala Lumpur to seek medical advice from him. And were pleased with the very detailed and thorough information regarding my cervical condition. Understanding patient's concerns and opting for less invasive treatment before suggesting for surgery. Thanks doctor.



Good advice given by doctor. Thank you.

Quah Gek Keat

Dr Eugene Wong is a very knowledgeable orthopaedic & spine surgeon, who has been giving us very informative advice on the various options available concerning compression fracture L3. He is very patient and has

good listening ears. He will guide us how to handle someone who has spinal injury.

Adeline Choo

Dr Wong was friendly, approachable and patient with listening to my complaints. He also offered advice in general on how to improve my health being.

Denise Thean

Dr. Eugene Wong is an excellent doctor. I recommend him.

Tham Chee Kong

Dr Wong has given clear and excellent explaination on my lower back problem and has given good advice at Alpha Spine. Thank you

Jenny Lam Foong Yoke

Very pleased with the Dr. Eugene's result and the advice was very clear and direct to the point.

Balbinder Singh

I am seeing Dr. Eugene Wong for knees consultation and I am very pleased with his advice and explanation. It is so clear and comprehensive. I must say that Dr. Eugene is very friendly and indeed a very detailed doctor.

Penelope Gan

Dr Eugene Wong has explained clearly my cervical condition

Partiven a/l V Palamuthu

I was given a thorough profile of my problem from the findings of the MRI. I was given good advise on how to go through this without any surgery until such time it is required.

Low Mei Mei

It is a clear explaination on flat foot problem my son has. I have a better understanding about it.

Wendy tan

doctor diagnose satisfactory n recommended daily foot exercise..will be back to do mri if the pain very friendly n given good advise. will come back for another checkup soon..

Tunku zurie tunku izham


Very good doctor. All the open question were answered. Very friendly and helpful staff.



Dr Wong is very good and pro. Well explanation with slides and i am clear with my current condition now.

Tay Siao Jing I will recommend this doctor to my friends & family, because he is a very good doctor, very friendly and experienced.

Wong Yew Shen


I am impressed with Dr Eugene Wong. He has given me a lot of confidence of medical opinions. I will definite recommend him to friends and family members.

Ho Saw Cheng


Very happy with iHeal spine clinic. Would recommend this service to everyone.

Carlo Lorusso


Provide a very detail explanation and presentation.

Jason Chow